Monday, November 12, 2007


So it's been like three days since I updated (I'm a liar). >_>;;;;

I don't have much. I'll post whatever else comes to mind later. It's like the resurrection of blogs or something, lately.I'm doing another Killic+Mount picture :D Though I haven't been bothered to get into shading it yet. Her head was originally massive but Tom taught me how to use the Liquefy tool and it's really entertaining o.o; I definitely don't actually have the Tirisfal Regalia. Seeing as I'm not even 70.

No one else has their gym leader character and badge done so there's only Tom an' me done :D;;; TEN YEAR OLDS YAY

Thursday, August 23, 2007

tablet whut whut


This is gonna take a lot of getting used to.


Or maybe not? O:;;;

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Gise I need some art help..! There's been this WoW scene I've wanted to illustrate for a while now, but it's really really hard to incorporate emotion into a picture! T_T I can see it in my head just fine but it just won't come down on paper...!

Basically, Tom and I were grinding random mobs in Hellfire Peninsula, Outland. We were behind a random stone wall, with a fabric roof-thing over us, taking a break. I see the ground shake, really slow footsteps, and hear that awful sound of screeching metal - but with a ghastly evil personality about it. I swerve the camera to see the Fel Reaver walking RIGHT by us, close enough for it to be REALLY FREAKING HUGE as it always is, but far enough away that it doesn't come after us. It just walks by and I gape at it 'cause that thing scares me. Hits for WELL over 3k/hit.

And that's the scene I want. But my thumbnails keep failing dfsjifdjhuirthgreisied so I need help to do this properly T_T;
See this is the Fel Reaver. This picture doesn't do it justice as it's HUGE OH GOD.
And this is vaguely what I've been trying to achieve and failing. Note how I definitely failed at drawing the Reaver. But that's not the point :D;

Tweaked/stretched it about in Photoshop a bit, this is a bit closer to what I wanted but it's still not saying "THIS IS SCARY HO NOES!" to me @_@


Oh and while I'm here, here's a picture I finished t'day:I'm really quite proud of it :D Started it after I hit 40 (shortly after portfolios?), worked a bit in May, and just finished it this afternoon. I used Bob's tricks on the lineart and they sototally worked.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Just a tiny (literally?) one today XD I made myself a new icon for DA, Killic~!

(I suck at drawing fire. Especially with pixels.)

Oh it's supposed to be the Blue mage PvP gear (for 60) 9_9; But I'm neither 60 (56), nor have enough honor to buy it. Getting there....!;;;;

OHYA. Mind if I ask you guys for an opinion on site layout? @_@;; My monitor tends to show colors a bit differently from others (as it's LCD). Or if it just looks like crap you can say so <3;;

Friday, July 6, 2007


I'm so lazy I don't even post! So regardless that I've posted these on DeviantART already I'm going to post them here. Durrrrrrr.


And then I made another character for Stan's "character universe". A manticore named Helga.

And then Chains again because fuck I love Chains. XD

Saturday, June 23, 2007




Friday, June 22, 2007


It's old. I found that little Art Fundies sketchbook that came in our art kits and decided to use it. So I filled the first few pages with highligher/pen/Sharpie art 8DStaaaaaaan! With an angry sun and a big head.
I wish I looked like this when I play DDR.
Tom with whatever the hell Soupie's armor was back then. And AnHero with a lazy body. Yay ghostcat.
Chains~! <3 In space. 'Cept I drew him wrong and his ass is HUGE.
Character I made up back in high school. Her name was Sheridan Daniels and she was like...a dead centaur girl. Well all the characters were dead. I liked the story but then I started reading Bleach and decided "this is really similar! Fuck!" and pretty much scrapped the whole project :D

Thursday, June 21, 2007


All the cool kids were getting blogspot blogs so I felt uncool and had to get one ):

Unfortunately I think I kind of forgot how to draw, and it hurts. Everything I've done the last two weeks has been REALLY bad D: Probably because between work and Warcraft and occasionally Oakville I have 0 time to draw.


Haygise :D;;;