Friday, March 20, 2009

elephant shoe

Okay you wanted blog posts I guess you get a lame sort of blog post. >.>

Megan made me post thiiiiis. It's printed out all sexy like (at the print shop!) and on my studio desk. I dunno I really really like how it turned out even if it is my childish guilty pleasure!

Sorry I keep posting the DA watermarked ones because I'm too lazy to shrink down a new one. For those who've only seen my character token for DnD, this is the full image. I love textures v.v

GUESS WHO I'M ANIMATIIING...for the muzzle lip synch assignment. If anyone remembers my Phoebe chef character from first year. If you guess who the angry looking corgi is supposed to be you get a (imaginary) cookie! :D

But if you didn't guess: it's Gordon Ramsay. My celebrity crush (don't tell Tom).