Sunday, February 21, 2010

Epoxy smells like pee

Man this stuff takes deceptively long for what it is.

Actually it took like 2h to saw her torso into pieces like that. Mostly 'cause the underboob wasn't a straight line so I had to use an xacto knife instead of a handsaw.

Hi der :)

I'm gon' be real tall!

Feet like twice the size of barbie feet. The magnets are so strong omg. She stands very solidly on top of my pliers.

A bit o' belly fat.
Getting close to the fun part! I am soo stoked to have a go at those leather scraps I got for free >:D


Stephanie Chan said...

Belly fat in comparison to Barbie, lets just say she's muscularly built. And can beat barbie to a pulp. >:(

Nick said...

Let's see more! Don't abandon this project!