Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh my god. Oh my god a POST.

Here, have some production/progress work for my film, to prove that yes, I am in fact making a film.

These are my characters. The fire elemental isn't set in stone yet, her design is troublesome to me.
Um so anyone who saw pre-production work from my group's 3rd year film might remember there being a belly dancer + fire thing going on, just an FYI that this was not at all because of it. The basis for my story was the background I made up for my WoW mage the summer before, who was a belly dancer with a water elemental (mages don't get fire). So it was either hula and water elemental, or belly dancer with fire, both didn't work for me outside of WoW. And I tried the water way initially but decided A) Belly dancers have way more interesting costumes and B) Water is a bitch to animate.

Here is my set design. It's really simple, which is very good.
Head sculpt turnarounds. Initially it was drawn just to have something done for the milestone but it ended up being immensely helpful for the actual sculpt.
My armature! It's oak blocks, a very "home made" way. But just as good as aluminum blocks. Shouldn't there be a second 'i' in aluminum? Aluminium...
And the most recent progress. This was the scariest and most difficult part of the puppet and now that it's done I can be super excited about it (again)! Really looking forward to painting her makeup.