Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sorry, I don't post very often

Was working on ye olde website and realized I needed to get my blog at least somewhat up to date! So here's some puppet progress I never posted:

Her body is made of make-up sponges. Kind of hard to trim to a smooth surface, but very soft and squishy!

This was where it got really exciting!

Her skin is pantyhose. The thread is there to hold it against the sponges while the silicone cures

And my incredibly messy studio. I opted for the take-home kit because it would be the easiest solution for everyone. But the only space in my house for it was the sewing room in the basement. Had to take over the sewing machine's table.

Now have some random film stills! :D


Amanda said...

Cuuute! I really like how the stills look! Can't wait to see it! :D

Nick said...

So. . . you running snow leopard on that machine?
Nice stuff, though. And yeah, tiny working space! Kudos for making it work!

Zöe Öz said...

Hi! I've been looking at some of your work and I love them!
By the way, which program you use for your stop-motion projects? I'm studying Animation and only know the stop motion Pro, and it is difficult to get...